The inverted triangle body shape is characterized by broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a well-defined waistline. While this body type often exudes strength and athleticism, finding the right clothing to balance proportions can be a challenge. In this article, we’ll explore some flattering fashion tips tailored specifically for those with an inverted triangle body shape.

Emphasize Your Waist:

One of the key goals when dressing an inverted triangle body shape is to create the illusion of a more balanced silhouette. Emphasizing your waist is essential to achieving this. Opt for clothing styles that cinch at the waist, such as wrap dresses, belted tops, and high-waisted skirts. This helps to define your waistline and create a more feminine shape.

Focus on Flared Bottoms:

To balance out broad shoulders, consider incorporating flared or A-line bottoms into your wardrobe. Skirts and pants with a flared silhouette help to add volume to the lower half of your body, creating a more proportional look. Look for styles that gradually widen from the waist down, such as fit-and-flare dresses or bootcut jeans.

Opt for V-Necklines:

When it comes to tops, opt for styles with V-necklines to draw attention away from broad shoulders and create the illusion of a narrower upper body. V-neck tops help to elongate the neckline and create a more balanced silhouette. Additionally, they can draw the eye downward, creating a more elongated look.

Choose Soft Fabrics:

When selecting fabrics for your clothing, opt for softer, draping fabrics that skim over the body rather than cling to it. Avoid stiff, structured fabrics that can add bulk to your upper body. Look for fabrics like jersey, silk, or chiffon that drape gracefully and create a more streamlined silhouette.

Experiment with Patterns and Prints:

Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and prints to add visual interest to your outfits. However, be mindful of the scale of the prints you choose. Opt for smaller prints on tops to avoid overwhelming your upper body, while larger prints can be flattering on bottoms to add volume to your lower half.

Strategic Layering:

Strategic layering can also help to balance out an inverted triangle body shape. Consider layering lightweight jackets or cardigans over tops to add volume to your lower half while drawing attention away from broad shoulders. Experiment with different lengths and textures to create visual interest.

Accessorize Wisely:

Accessorizing wisely can also help to create a more balanced silhouette. Opt for accessories that draw attention to your lower half, such as statement belts, long necklaces, or bold earrings. Avoid oversized accessories that can overwhelm your frame and stick to more delicate pieces that complement your proportions.

Tailoring Is Key:

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of tailoring. Invest in pieces that fit well in the shoulders and waist, and consider having them tailored to fit your specific proportions. A well-fitted garment can make all the difference in creating a flattering silhouette, so don’t hesitate to invest in alterations if needed.


Dressing an inverted triangle body shape can be both fun and challenging, but with the right fashion tips and strategies, you can accentuate your strengths and create a balanced silhouette that makes you feel confident and stylish. Experiment with different styles, fabrics, and accessories to find what works best for you, and don’t be afraid to embrace your unique shape. With a little creativity and confidence, you can rock any outfit with ease. Read more about fashion tips for inverted triangle body shape